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John Lasseter donated the Buzz Lightyear doll that traveled on the space shuttle Discovery to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum today. Back in 2008, the 12″ action figure was launched into space and orbited the Earth for a record 15 months! During the announcement, Lasseter admitted to crying when he saw his character float through the tunnel into the International Space Station. This just goes to show how important Toy Story was to him and also his love for space.

“I started crying when Discovery connected to the International Space Station,” he admitted at the presentation. “There’s a tube that the astronauts go through to get into the space station. They didn’t carry Buzz. They opened his wings, they put his arms out, and Buzz Lightyear flew, in space, himself, up that tube into the International Space Station.”

Buzz will be displayed in the “Moving Beyond Earth” exhibit this summer, which shows what life is like in a space station. For more information and some more quotes from the announcement, check out the Smithsonian blog linked below!


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