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Disney/Pixar is joining up with VisitScotland, a Scottish tourism organization, in a £7m campaign to help promote people to visit the country. As you all know, Pixar’s next film, ‘Brave‘, is based in medieval Scotland and the nation is hoping to boost their tourism with the release of the movie. Director Mark Andrews and others of Pixar have visited Scotland on research trips and believe this partnership will be beneficial. Here’s a quote from VisitScotland chairman Mike Cantlay:

This is an incredible opportunity to extend the reach of VisitScotland’s marketing activity across the world.

This film will be shown in more than 70 countries across the world and will give us the opportunity to convert cinema goers into visitors in the biggest campaign VisitScotland has ever launched.

There are very few tourism destinations that get to work so closely with the world’s largest entertainment companies – and this gives us an unprecedented opportunity to put Scotland on the worldwide stage with a whole new audience.

Check out the TV spot for ‘Brave‘ that came out last week:

Read the rest of the article on BBC News. What do you think of the partnership? Do you think the film will attract people to visit Scotland? Leave your thoughts below!

via BBC News

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